Role: Senior Executive for BBC Natural History Unit

“We pride ourselves in The Natural History Unit being the greatest producer of natural history content in the world; but we do not rest on our laurels. Our success comes from the great men and women that make up the NHU. ITG was tasked with finding an Executive Producer to join the already dynamic team of business winners. It was very reaffirming the extent to which ITG set about to understand the NHU’s business and just as important, the NHU’s culture and values. In doing so the detailed and targeted work not only led to a great appointment but offered appropriate challenge to our wider assumptions.”

Julian Hector, Head, BBC Natural History Unit

Role: Head of Scripted UK, Fulwell 73

``From day one of working with Nicola and her team I found the process to be thorough and detailed. Time was taken to understand our business and our specific requirements, at all times it felt like a personalised service that sought to deliver for our needs. Most importantly though we ended up with the perfect candidate for the job and couldn't have been happier with the assistance that Nicola gave in getting the deal closed.``

Leo Pearlman, CEO - Fulwell 73

``Nicola is incredible. Her 720 knowledge of the industry, past, present and future combined with her instinctive understanding of how creative people tick means she is best placed to help individuals, artists, agencies, companies, brands, channels and platforms form dynamic and successful relationships. Nicola is truly is an artist whisperer. She has been utterly invaluable to helping us realise our creative visions. She has continually opened up our world and connected us to hugely influential people. She’s been our agent, our manager, our champion and our navigator and our mentor.``

Chris Bovill and John Allison - Former Heads of 4Creative

``Nicola is that rare combination of very straight talking, incredibly knowledgeable about the TV industry and hugely warm and supportive. It’s always great to have Nicola and her team on side in what are sometimes tough negotiations and I felt super-served by her as she helped to place me in my forthcoming role. Her level of commitment and communication could not have been higher and her advice was always spot on``

Successful Candidate

Role: Commercial Director, Intelligence Squared

``Nicola and Tim were extraordinarily thorough in their search for the right person for the role, presenting outstanding candidates they had met with and spoken to at length. I didn't have a single conversation that felt like a poor use of time. Their network is excellent - and they're a genuine pleasure to work with. I'd recommend ITG without hesitation.``

Managing Director - Intelligence Squared

Role: Editor, Future London

“The search for this position was complex because we needed a candidate with a sophisticated understanding of both editorial and commercial processes, but Nicola and her team understood our needs immediately. They very quickly found us a wide range of candidates, some from backgrounds we hadn’t considered, all of whom were thought provoking and high quality. The interview process was tightly timetabled and involved complex project work, but it was painless thanks to the Ibison team, who were always available to me. Candidates turned up to interviews very well prepped and feedback sessions were tightly focused to help us refine our shortlist. In the end we were able to make a clear choice with ease and have hired someone who’s a perfect fit for an extraordinary job.”

ESI Media

Role: Partner, Sassy Films

``In 30 years of business I have never had such an exemplary service as that provided by ITG. The calibre of clients presented to me was exceptional. It was a painless process and everyone was exceptionally well prepared and briefed for this role.``

Steve Kemsley - CEO

“Nicola has the best contacts in the TV industry because people trust her and value her ideas. She’s creative and original in her thinking, always suggesting things you won’t have heard from anyone else. She also has the energy to see them through, knowing the right people to ask and the right way to pitch. She’s honest, positive, driven and dynamic.”

Clare Balding

Role: Global Chief Marketing Officer

``ITG’s identification of candidates is brilliant. You knew your candidates really well and they were a very high calibre and you had the confidence to give us real insights. It was much more than we expected. The proposal and long list were excellent and so was the level of detail we were given. You were efficient and this was a good experience for us. We would definitely use you again for a senior search.``

Head of HR - 23 Capital

``If you find yourself lucky enough to be represented by Nicola Ibison then you will realise very quickly that she cares. Nicola’s intelligence is obvious on meeting her but her emotional intelligence is her USP. In short she gets it and if she gets it she will get you. She knows the business, she sees where it is going, and she has an instinct that often puts her ahead of the curve. She has that rare combination of being a top rate professional – and a nice person. If you get the chance to work with her – take it!``

Eamonn Holmes

ROLE: Comprehensive Drama Mapping for a Major Global Organisation

``Nicola and the Ibison Talent Group have done an invaluable piece of work mapping the entire UK drama market. They handled what has been a highly confidential piece of work with their trademark discretion, sensitivity and rigour, quickly networking their way around every level and role in the industry to paint a thorough picture. I look forward to continuing to work with them further in the future.”

Chief Operating Office - Major Super-Indie

“Nicola has the most incredible broadcasting contacts. The relationships she’s cultivated are genuine, clearly commissioners value her input. Often, she would open the door to a relationship and allow me to grow it, which is a very grown-up way of doing business. I valued her guidance on big decisions and her ability to plot out career paths was instinctive, after years of experience. No one will fight harder for you in a deal, nor go into battle with more gusto for you, if things get tough.”

Gabby Logan

Role: Chief Marketing Officer, Motorsport Network

``We were searching for a CMO, as the focus of this fast growing business shifts increasingly towards understanding customer lifetime journey and value around subscriptions, OTT as well as marketing of our gaming and experiences businesses. We approached the Ibison Talent Group, having had a positive previous experience of their service. They presented an impressive range of candidates with a diverse range of experience, one of whom was an ideal match for our search.``

President - Motorsport Network

“I’ve known Nicola for many years and I know her as a master strategist and tactician. Nicola has an intuition that is rare. She is a realist in her approach and manages expectations gently and with panache. Nicola has been the architect of many successful careers and has wide reaching diverse and varied networks. All of which have strong foundations, built on relationships and mutual respect. She brings huge added value to projects large and small. Apart from all that she’s a great craic…”

Si King

Roles: Chief Content Officer, Head of Business Affairs, Head of Social Media, Head of App and others

“As a rapidly growing, fast-paced digital start-up in the entertainment and sports space, we turned to Ibison Talent to help us build out our leadership content team. We would not have been able to identify and get on board the team we have without their insight and coverage of the market. They think laterally about all hires and have acted naturally as an advisor to the CEO and HRD. We have since added more searches outside of content to the mix including legal and digital marketing roles as we have confidence in their ability to deliver. They work intuitively in partnership with clients and maintain a relationship with candidates and companies beyond a placement. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

CEO - Otro.com

“Nicola Ibison has been instrumental in changing our professional lives. She has a wonderful talent for thinking long term and for seizing opportunities when they arise. Nicola has always been the person to go to for advice and we always say when we are faced with indecision, “ask Nic…because she is always right!” She is an amazing person as an ambassador for you, or your brand and because of her standing and status in the media profession, has access and the ears of the people who matter. I have no hesitation in recommending her honesty, skill, credibility and talent.”

Dave Myers

Role: Global MD, Motorsport Images

``We used ITG to crack a particularly tough nut; a role we’d had several fruitless attempts to fill with other search companies. I liked their approach of thinking outside the box, supporting us, at every stage of the process and especially the way their proposed candidates came from four different points of the compass. We could have hired any of the final shortlist and we definitely got the right person.``

President - Motorsport Network

“Some agents really understand their clients. Some form strong relationships with producers and Broadcasters. Very few can do both successfully, and with the sort of diplomacy and intuition that Nicola has. Her collaborative approach is unique and genuinely results in both sides of the bargaining table getting, and feeling like they’ve got a win. She’s also straight-up fun to be with.”

Matt Allwright

``The process was very professional from start to finish, and we were impressed and reassured by the breadth and calibre of the candidates that were brought to the table. Nicola herself was insightful, refreshingly forthright and thorough in getting to the heart of the brief and understanding our company’s needs and culture.``

Creative Director - Sundog Pictures

Role : Executive Producer

``Nicola and her team had a good understanding of our brief and after an extensive and comprehensive mapping process came up with a very interesting shortlist. They handled our candidates sensitively and professionally and were extremely flexible as we honed in on the kind of talent we needed.``

Head of Talent - Nutopia

``Nicola's done a fantastic job for us with our Head of Development post, and landed us a top name. She ran a highly organised, slick and focused search. She mapped the market comprehensively and we never felt anything but safe in her hands.``

Head of Development - Shiver Productions

“Nicola and her team conducted a thorough search to find us a new Head of Talent. I was impressed by their deep knowledge of the TV industry and Nicola’s ability to access the leaders and decision-makers. The Ibison Group really understood our company’s culture and advised us on a strategic restructuring of our talent division. We are delighted with the appointment and with her expert guidance.``

Head of Talent - Crown Talent and Media Group

``Nicola has been an absolute pleasure to work with - always direct and straightforward, ethical and creative``

Danny Cohen - President, Access Entertainment